Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The struggle is ending

I mentioned before that we were struggling with Squirrel not gaining weight properly and it seems that after two months and adding in formula , he is on track! At his  weigh in, my tiny boy was up to the 6.5  percentile. He is eating like a maniac and looks so healthy. I'm really happy that we went the route we did and started him on formula. Seeing the difference in my precious boy in such a short amount of time is remarkable.
He is getting so strong, is such a smarty and a pretty happy kid most of the time. Except for this "leap 5" thing that he is in fir the next two weeks. Don't worry, I'll explain the Wonder Weeks (where the leaps come from) in a later  post. I'm still learning about it myself.
As of now, almost 6 months old, he sits and plays on his own, rolls over (when he wants), tries to stand, stands with assistance, loves to jump, and is quite the chatter box. He loves his big brother more than anything, adores animals, and is mister social as long as mommy isn't around.
It's amazing to see how far he has come and knowing that he can conquer everything else that comes at him.

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