Saturday, September 13, 2014

Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer Review

I love taking both of my boys out to go do things and let them explore the world around them. 
One thing i dread is dragging the bulky diaper bag around with us,
Don't get me wrong, I love my diaper bag, But with a change of clothes for Moose, 2 for Squirrel, a diaper for Moose in case of accident and enough diapers to get us through a day for Squirrel, the diaper bag gets a bit heavy. Especially when we go places, like the zoo for a few hours and I don't need to take everything with us inside (but need to have it for the rest of the day).
I just figured that a heavy diaper bag everywhere would be something to live with until I found the Children 'n Us stroller organizer ( 
At first, I thought that it looked small and wondered how on earth it was going to hold what I need for 2 kids, even for a small trip. But when I decided to give it a test run I was surprised how much it really holds. 

At first, I tried it with just diapers. 
The picture shows six size 1 and seven size 2 diapers! 

Since there was still room, I added in two 3-6 month sleepers.

Amazingly, there was STILL room for more and the top was able to close perfectly.

One of the nice things about the organizer is that it can go on a stroller, bike, in the car, on a shopping cart, etc, etc, etc. The options are endless!
And if you need to make the loops smaller or bigger to fit on different things, they are adjustable!

I tried it on our Peg Perego and it it is so much lighter than strapping the huge diaper bag on. I no longer have to worry about the stroller flipping over if 35 pound Moose isn't in it. 

As if that isn't enough for you. the stroller bag has a front pocket for your cell phone, a Velcro pocket for pacifiers or other small items, and 2 insulated bottle pockets on each side for your child's drinks, parents' drinks, or both!

The stroller organizer comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't happy with it and their customer service is very quick to respond should a problem arise. 
And for those who love to celebrate small business, this is definitely the company to buy your organizer from!

If you want to purchase your own stroller organizer, you can do through by clicking here:

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Natural Facial Moisturizer Review

I believe that one of the best things a person can have in their beauty routine is facial moisturizer.
Honestly, the worst thing I have probably done for my face was to stop using moisturizer years ago. 
After so long, I just got used to dry, flaky skin.
Then I was able to try Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer and I realized just what my skin was missing.

Adovia facial moisturizer is dermatologist tested and approved, has a very light scent, and is great for all skin types. I personally have acne prone combination skin and it has been amazing, even in 90 degree heat.
It is quick absorbing, not at all greasy, and contains Dead Sea Minerals for moisture balance.
After one day of using it, my skin was already softer and seemed more healthy.
After a few weeks, my skin glows, no longer fakes from dry skin, and is super smooth.
Honestly, I didn't realize that my skin could ever look as good as it did when I was younger with how much I beat it up and tend to not take care of it with 2 young kids.
(I know, shame on me).
I thought I was destined to have crappy skin the rest of my life, but not anymore.

Not only am I impressed with the moisturizer, but the customer service is amazing. Seriously, they are quick to respond to questions you may have. 
They also carry a large variety of other Dead Sea Mineral products that I can't wait to get my hands on.

If you would like to get your hands on my new favorite moisturizer, you can purchase it here from

*note: I'm working from my phone currently, but will have pictures up in the next couple of days

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door review

Since my family moved into our current house, we talked about wanting to put in a screen door where our sliding door is to make it easy to go in and out while cooking or hosting parties, but keeping bugs out.
The Mega Mesh Screen Door seemed like the perfect opportunity to get exactly that, only better.
I was so excited to open the packaging and set up my Mega Mesh Screen Door as soon as possible to get the most use out of it.

As soon as I was able to set Squirrel down, Moose and I opened the packaging and looked into how to get this baby all set up on the door.

The first snag I ran into was that I hadn't looked into how it was installed, so when I went to put it up at my sliding glass door I found that it couldn't stick down on one side. 
The problem with one side not being stuck down is that while the top was securely stuck down, it would gradually come unstuck and fall through out the day.

Once it started to fall, the two mesh sides no longer connected and the screen stayed open until you physically put it back together.

I loved the idea though, so decided to find a new place in the house for it.
After eliminating the 2 swinging doors that go outside, I decided to try it in the open doorway between the kitchen and living room. 
It worked perfect.

For the first few days, Moose thought it was a great toy. Running back and forth through it, testing out the magnets and hold on the walls.
Simon the cat was terrified of it and refused to go into the kitchen.
After a week, Moose still thought it was fun to run through, but thought it was fun to drive all of his trucks through now as well.
Simon realized that it wasn't scary and decided to spend his days attacking the bottom and trying to climb it.
I'm proud to say that it managed to hold up pretty well to the torture.
Only one bottom velcro strip wouldn't stay together when child and cat decided to abuse it.
It not only held up well to the abuse, but it did a great job at keeping out the bugs!

My only real complaint was that while the screen and velcro managed to stay attached to the wall through the abuse, when I went to take it down briefly part of the velcro strips on the side that hadn't been previously attached to anything came off of the wall.
Not a huge deal, just a little irritating since I'll have to reattach it and hope it will stay.

Reguardless of the one down side, I have seriously thought about getting a couple of screens to put at the bedroom doorways to keep bugs out of them too.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pure Shea Butter Review

I am one of those people who has extremely dry skin. It's honestly a curse. 
In the summer, it's bad. In the winter, it's worse.
The biggest problem I have run into is finding products that moisturize, I am comfortable having around the kids, and help keep my skin not only hydrated, but soft.
On top of those requirements, I can't really afford to pay out the nose for products that will be gone in a week due to needing to be applied every few hours.
I've always heard good things about shea butter, so when I saw a post to try and review shea butter, I jumped at the chance.

The shea butter I tried comes from the company Cleopatra's Choice and was purchased through amazon (I will link where you can buy later).
Cleopatra's Choice shea butter is 100% natural, organic shea butter made with the finest hand selected nuts from shea trees in Ghana.
The one I got is an ivory colored African shea butter. I arrived in the tub and is very solid, so no worrying about it melting and having to deal with nasty messes.
I'll admit, the fact that it has stayed solid has been really nice since Moose has tried to get into it a few times and I don't have to worry about him making a huge mess all over the floor.
I started using the shea butter on my arms a couple of days after I received it and noticed that my arms stayed softer longer than they do with any other processed lotion.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any good pictures that could show how dry my skin was before vs. how soft it is now. 
Maybe in the winter, I'll stop using it for a week or so and see if I can document a difference.
This last weekend, I got a pretty good sunburn and started using the shea butter on that as well. In just a couple of days I've already noticed a difference.
My skin doesn't feel hot to the touch any more and the redness is beginning to go away already.
My next experiment will be to try it out on the stretch marks my boys have graced me with. 
I plan on documenting if there is any difference for a month to give the shea butter plenty of time to help repair the skin damage.

Those are just a few of the things I plan to use my shea butter for. Other great uses for pure shea butter are: natural relief from dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks during pregnancy, hair care and more.
It is so amazing for your skin due to it containing Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. It doesn't clog pores, so you can literally use it anywhere with out worry and is highly moisturizing and long lasting.

For the amazing price of just $19, you can get a one pound, resealable tub of shea butter.
Yes, you read that right. a one pound tub.
And it's completely resealable so you don't have to worry about it trying out.

You can find Cleopatra's Choice shea butter here on amazon to buy some for yourself: Cleaoparta's Choice Shea Butter on amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Learning to listen and not to yell

I read a fantastic post on facebook the other day from a mom who wrote about being frustrated with how her daughter was acting and treating others in the family, but rather than yelling st her about it, she took a step back, responded to the situation calmly and respectfully. 
There was no big blow up, no yelling fight.
Instead, it was all handled in a calm manner, her daughter took a moment, and eventually changed her attitude.
It struck a chord with me since lately I felt overwhelmed every night.
During the day, Moose would choose to act out. Sometimes due to boredom, sometimes out of jealousy, sometimes because he is 2 years old and that's just what 2 year olds do at times.
I was good at remaining calm early in the day, if I wasn't over tired, but as he continued to push the limits, my patience would start to disappear. 
Before I knew it, I was yelling.
And once the yelling started, that's all that happened for the rest of the day. 
I would yell, he would yell, I would yell back, and Squirrel would start crying which would only aggravate the situation further.
I knew that I needed to change something. Going to bed frustrated every night wasn't healthy.
Waking up that way was even worse.
I looked into things I could do with Moose to help him feel more loved, to help him feel included, to make sure he knew that he still had his place in this family, that he wasn't being replaced. 
I looked into why 2 year olds were destructive, why they acted out and what I could do about it.
I talked to other parents, vented to my mom, tried to get ideas besides "stay consistent" since that little piece of advice just wasn't working.
At the moment I read that post, I decided to think about the way that I was acting, about the example that I was setting by yelling rather than talking to him calmly and giving him respect. 
I realized that I yelled a lot. Way more than any person should ever yell at their child. And I decided that I needed to change first.
I couldn't expect my small child to change his attitude and how he reacted to things when I set a constant bad example for him.
How unfair I had been.
Things needed to change, and that change would start with me.

My experiment began yesterday.
For the first time in almost 11 weeks I didn't yell at Moose once.
Not once.
He still had a couple of temper tantrums, but rather than take it personally and let it get to me, I walked away when I felt frustrated.
We got through the hiccups in our day and were still happy after.
I actually ended my day in a good mood. Not stressed, not frustrated, not on the verge of tears.
I felt good.

Today was day two of the experiment and we added in a new challenge: getting daddy in on the program.
I managed to handle myself and kept from yelling, which was a lot harder on 4 hours of sleep. I'm proud that I am keeping it up s early in the day. It does seem to be helping Moose to not hear the yelling all of the time.
I know that it will be a long process to break us out of our bad habits, but it is a process that I am willing to do to make our household healthier, make our relationships healthier, and teach my boys a better way to respond to their frustrations.

If you would like to read the post, you can find it here courtesy of Jessica of Beyond Moi:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It doesn't get better than life with a Lillebaby Complete carrier

I've mentioned my love for cloth diapers before, but I don't believe that I have talked about my love for baby carriers.
I would seriously be a hoarder of baby carriers if I were rich. 
There are so many styles, brands, cute patterns, beautiful colors. 
It's like Pokemon, I want to catch them all.
Since I'm not rich, I've settled for only having 4 carriers, 3 SSC (soft structured carriers) and one ring sling.

One of them is a super cheap $20 baby carrier that I bought at Walmart long before I ever had kids.
I used it with my dolls when I was younger and those babies in health class.
When Moose came along, we found that it was easy and comfortable while he was younger, but as he got bigger it be came more uncomfortable to wear him.
So we upgraded to an ergonomic carrier by Infantino.

We were so excited to be doing something right by having an ergonomic carrier, until we went to put his little 4 month old self into it and found out that he wasn't quite big enough yet. 
Once he did fit, it was nice, Much more comfortable than my cheap little $20 carrier. As he got closer to 20lbs this carrier too began to get more uncomfortable.
Then one day I won a giveaway for a Lillebaby Complete.
The. Best. Win. Ever.

I'm not kidding when I say that either.
Lillebaby makes fantastic carriers with a million incredible features that allow you to carry your child from 7lbs to 45lbs all in the same carrier, without ever having to buy any extras.
The padded straps are super comfortable, much better than anything else I have ever tried, the lumbar support is absolutely amazing. I haven't had back pain while baby or toddler wearing since. The head support is great for little babies and the hood is perfect for a little extra breast feeding cover, to keep sun off of your child's head, or as a hood at nap time. I love that it has a built in seat belt as well to help keep even the smallest peanuts safe in the carrier.

At the newborn stage, you have the seat all the way wide, roll up a blanket, have the baby "sit" on the blanket like a seat and the seat belt them in.
It really is that simple.

Once they start getting a little bigger, you can make the seat smaller for little legs to hang out, or for forward facing (once they can hold their head up properly).

Once they get big enough to sit on the seat at it's widest, you can make it wide again to keep them in an ergonomic seating position.

Since I've had issues with other carriers hurting my back with Moose once he started getting big, I decided to try it out with him now at 35-36 pounds. It worked out pretty well.
 Don't mind that we both look a little uncomfortable, I put him in it quickly to take a picture so I didn't have the lumbar support attached or his clothes fixed from picking him up.
As you can see though, it is perfectly capable of holding a 38 1/2 inch, 36 pound 2 year old!

I have yet to try out the hip carry position, but can't wait to try it in a few months when Squirrel gets a bit bigger and can hold his head up regularly.

Lillebaby carriers come in the Complete, Airflow, or the new All Seasons carrier and in lots of great colors. Prices range from $115- $149

If you want to check out Lillebaby more, you can find them here at their website: Lillebaby

I was in no way compensated for my review, nor was I asked to write one. I brag about this product all of the time and thought it would be the perfect way to get word out better. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Share The Love: Cloth Diaper Donation program

I have an immense love for cloth diapers.
It started the minute that I received our first package of them in the mail when Moose was only 8 months old. The cute patterns, the fluffy-ness, knowing that potentially harmful chemicals were no longer against my precious boy's bum and best of all, we would be saving money.
Since that first day, by stash has grown a little through giveaways and then baby showers for my little Squirrel.
Unfortunately for us, the diapers we originally bought for Moose are beginning to fall apart after 2 years of daily use so we would need more to get us through potty training with Moose and then the next 2 years with Squirrel. 
Knowing what I do now, I didn't want to buy a whole new stash of "Chinese cheapies" aka inexpensive diapers that are made and sent from China, most of these do not follow US labor regulations and are not the best quality. And we didn't have the money to buy a whole new stash.
I began the search for a way to keep Squirrel in cloth.

In my search, I came across Share the Love.
Share the Love is a cloth diaper donation program through Cotton Babies (the makers of BumGenius, Flip, and more) where families that are low income and part of the WIC program can borrow diapers for free for the length of time that their children are in diapers. 
The requirements are that you are part of the WIC program,
have at least one child in diapers,
write a short essay about what being able to participate in the program will do for you and how you will be able to help others in the community and spread the word,
live within 40 (or 45 I don't remember) miles of one of the diaper donation sites,
and fill out the form.
Within a few weeks you should hear back from one of the people in charge of the diaper donation site that you applied for letting you know if you were approved and if so, you can make arrangements to pick up some diapers.
For the boys, we were given a nice stash of natural fiber fitteds, flip covers and flip inserts to borrow.
It has helped out a ton already.

The great thing about the program is that they also accept donations of old diapers, so when you are done with your stash, they accept diapers that are in usable condition to loan out to other families.
My hope is that when we finish cloth diapering Squirrel, at least a few of my diapers will be in good enough condition that I can donate back to the program to help another family out.

If you are interested in checking out the Share the Love program, you can find them here: Share the Love website