Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Who needs apple picking when you can climb and play?

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to pack up and head to the East to a cute apple growing community for all of their fresh baked apple deliciousness, enjoy the cool weather, drink fresh apple cider, and, since having kids, watch them run around and play. 
Last year we didn't get up there much and I was really bummed. 
Next to Halloween, it's one thing I look forward to the most in the fall. 
This fall has been so busy so far, and most of the shops close down for the season between Halloween and Thanksgiving before the snow comes and the cut your own Christmas tree lots open. So I decided, what the heck and this past Sunday the kids and I packed up and went on an adventure to check out a farm we have only been to once in December once the season was almost completely over.
They had a blast on all of the new and the improved stuff that they had available for kids. 
From the miniature village with a sheriff's station, school, shops, a beautiful little church complete with pews, and more to a maze with areas to climb, to swings, slides and even a decommissioned boat, Moose and Squirrel had a blast.
They were coated in so many layers of dirt from running, falling, and the occasional temper tantrum that they left dirt marks on the bathroom floor of our house when we got home. 
All of our shoes are still coated in several layers of dirt 3 days later. 
With my minions, the dirtier you are, the more fun you're having. SO you know they had a ton of fun.
I spent the time just following them through all of the different areas, making sure they stayed safe, were polite, and taking as many non-blurry pictures as was human;y possible.

We ended up leaving without any apple products on this trip, but we did leave with enough memories to last us until the next time we go and are able to make even more.