Monday, August 1, 2016

My new favorite find for my kids

With Moose starting transitional kindergarten soon, I wanted to get him a workbook to help refresh everything he learned in preschool last year, to help him with some of the newer things we have started working on over the summer, and even some new things we haven't thought about working on yet.
I've been looking for the right book for a few months now, but haven't been able to find one that met my requirements at the price point I wanted.
Then one day after checking all of the kindergarten books that our local Target store had to offer, I decided to go look at Sam's Club and see if they had anything better.
After walking through the book isle for a few minutes and looking through every educational book they had, including a few 1st grade ones, I came across the Get Ready for School Kindergarten book. 
To say that I was impressed is an understatement.
At $12.95 it was priced a little more than I was originally looking to spend, but it is completely worth every penny. Honestly, it is probably worth the $17.95 MSRP with the amount of material you receive.
It is put together similar to a binder with very easy to flip pages that I'm not worried my 4 year old will accidentally rip out if he flips them a little too hard. 

When you open the cover, you are greeted with a very easy to read table of contents that not only gives you the pages that each section begins on, but the color coding for that section to make for easy navigation between the different lessons.

There are so many different activities for kids to help them not only learn but retain the information the book supplies. It goes above and beyond what I had expected from a educational activity book. For example: In the alphabet section, there are 2-4 pages dedicated to each letter with different activities to help kids not only learn to write and identify each letter, but to know what sound it makes and identify words that start with that letter. 


Moose has enjoyed working on his book a little each day. He has gotten through several letters and their activities, worked on some sight words, and numbers. 
I can't wait to see how much more he is able to learn as we get through more and more, and to get into some of the suggested reading.
Watching him finish each page makes my heart swell as he celebrates his accomplishments and knowing that with each day and every page that he works on, he is getting more and more ready for kindergarten to begin.

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