Thursday, August 7, 2014

It doesn't get better than life with a Lillebaby Complete carrier

I've mentioned my love for cloth diapers before, but I don't believe that I have talked about my love for baby carriers.
I would seriously be a hoarder of baby carriers if I were rich. 
There are so many styles, brands, cute patterns, beautiful colors. 
It's like Pokemon, I want to catch them all.
Since I'm not rich, I've settled for only having 4 carriers, 3 SSC (soft structured carriers) and one ring sling.

One of them is a super cheap $20 baby carrier that I bought at Walmart long before I ever had kids.
I used it with my dolls when I was younger and those babies in health class.
When Moose came along, we found that it was easy and comfortable while he was younger, but as he got bigger it be came more uncomfortable to wear him.
So we upgraded to an ergonomic carrier by Infantino.

We were so excited to be doing something right by having an ergonomic carrier, until we went to put his little 4 month old self into it and found out that he wasn't quite big enough yet. 
Once he did fit, it was nice, Much more comfortable than my cheap little $20 carrier. As he got closer to 20lbs this carrier too began to get more uncomfortable.
Then one day I won a giveaway for a Lillebaby Complete.
The. Best. Win. Ever.

I'm not kidding when I say that either.
Lillebaby makes fantastic carriers with a million incredible features that allow you to carry your child from 7lbs to 45lbs all in the same carrier, without ever having to buy any extras.
The padded straps are super comfortable, much better than anything else I have ever tried, the lumbar support is absolutely amazing. I haven't had back pain while baby or toddler wearing since. The head support is great for little babies and the hood is perfect for a little extra breast feeding cover, to keep sun off of your child's head, or as a hood at nap time. I love that it has a built in seat belt as well to help keep even the smallest peanuts safe in the carrier.

At the newborn stage, you have the seat all the way wide, roll up a blanket, have the baby "sit" on the blanket like a seat and the seat belt them in.
It really is that simple.

Once they start getting a little bigger, you can make the seat smaller for little legs to hang out, or for forward facing (once they can hold their head up properly).

Once they get big enough to sit on the seat at it's widest, you can make it wide again to keep them in an ergonomic seating position.

Since I've had issues with other carriers hurting my back with Moose once he started getting big, I decided to try it out with him now at 35-36 pounds. It worked out pretty well.
 Don't mind that we both look a little uncomfortable, I put him in it quickly to take a picture so I didn't have the lumbar support attached or his clothes fixed from picking him up.
As you can see though, it is perfectly capable of holding a 38 1/2 inch, 36 pound 2 year old!

I have yet to try out the hip carry position, but can't wait to try it in a few months when Squirrel gets a bit bigger and can hold his head up regularly.

Lillebaby carriers come in the Complete, Airflow, or the new All Seasons carrier and in lots of great colors. Prices range from $115- $149

If you want to check out Lillebaby more, you can find them here at their website: Lillebaby

I was in no way compensated for my review, nor was I asked to write one. I brag about this product all of the time and thought it would be the perfect way to get word out better. 

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