Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream (Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox Part 5)

I was excited to try out the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream when I saw it in the box. I tend to have rather frizzy hair in the winter and hoped that it would help. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any difference in my hair after using it. It had just as much frizz and was as unmanageable as it always is. I hoped that maybe it would take more than one use to give full results, but that hasn't been the case. I have since stopped using it since I have better things to do with my day than to put a product in my hair that doesn't work for me. Just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for someone else, but buy at your own risk. I definitely don't recommend the product.
All opinions in this post are mine, and mine alone. I was given a free product from to review and tell the world about. I was not paid for my review, nor was I asked to write a positive review. I write reviews true to the product that I am given to try.


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