Thursday, October 11, 2012


If you haven't heard about Influenster yet, you should keep reading! If you have, but want to learn more, keep reading too. You might learn something you dudn't know! It is a website for trendsetters to come and give their opinions about products and experiences. You earn badges to go with your different interests and badges that go with where you are in life. It is a great way to get your opinions into the world and to influence whether other people will use certain products, hence, being an Influenster! The best parts are getting to share thoughts on products with and help answer questions of other trendy people in the world! Active influensters can get discounts and services based on expert badges and even get invited to take part in Influenster programs allowing you to try the newest and coolest products and services tailored to your lifestyle before anyone else so that you can further influence those around you!
Influenster is always looking for trendy people to join in the discussions, so if this sounds like you, check them out here:

Any other questions about what Influenster is about can be read here:

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