Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Must be one of those days

So far today is one of those days when you wish you had a do over button.
Moose woke up late for him, bit early for me since I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight, and decided he wanted to be naughty, kicking, hitting, getting into everything he isn't supposed to and screaming at me when he gets in trouble. I have a sink full of dishes to wash because I wanted to get as much stuff ready for Moose's party so I didn't do them yesterday. I have a load of diapers to wash because I put off doing laundry until late last night and didn't get a chance to do them. Moose fought me to take a nap and athe freaking house phone ringing woke him up before he was ready. Now he's running around the house crying and fussing because he should still be asleep.
I have 2 million things to do before his party on Saturday, but trying to keep him happy is a full time job and nothing else is getting done.
I could really use that do over button now.

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