Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catching Up

I get to play catch up with my posts today.
I actually had all of these typed out on my computer, but it has been having problems with the internet connection, so I haven’t been able to post any of them until today. So, a short over view in case you don’t want to go back through and read all of my old posts (although I believe they all contain pictures!)
Last weekend, we went to Stockton for my older younger brother’s going away party. We got to visit with both of my younger brothers, step mom, other step family, and some very old family friends. My 16 year old brother had a rough time with seeing us and meeting his nephew for the first time. It was extremely emotional.
Sunday, I finished the shirt part of Moose’s Halloween Costume. It was a long process and I still have to make the vest and dragon part, but one of the most difficult parts is done!
On Monday, Moose and I went back up to lovely Apple Hill and did a smash cake photo shoot, just he and I. It was a blast!
Today, I got picked to host a Kellogs Rice Krispies Halloween House  Party with houseparty.com. I can’t wait to host it!
Moose and I also went out and got some professional pictures done for his first birthday. They got some great shots of him, but we only bought pictures for 2 shots because they get expensive really quick.
Tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day for Moose and I and we need it before the craziness begins! We still need to figure out what we are going to give as favors, buy all of the food, plates and drinks for Moose’s party next weekend. This coming Saturday, we are attending the first birthday party of a good friend’s daughter who was born 3 days before Moose. The Saturday after Moose’s party is one of his cousin’s second birthday party (his actual birthday is the day after Moose’s), and the following Saturday is the Halloween Party! EEK! It’s crazy how fast October is going already and it has only just started.
Are you every surprised at how fast time passes?

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