Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh UPS, you are not my friend.

I have officially become beyond frustrated with UPS. My husband and I had to order a new computer charger for my laptop so that I can have the job as the transcriber that I wrote about before. We payed for expedited shipping to have it at our house by Wednesday (yesterday) and now UPS is trying to tell me I may not get it until Friday (tomorrow) even though they are the ones who's delivery driver did not come down my driveway last night and just decided that my address must not exist. I am beyond mad since I sat in the bedroom, next to the window for hours waiting for them to show up so I could meet them since I know people don't always see the apartment on top of the garage. I'm even more frustrated since UPS has been out here before and dropped my packages off just fine, so I don't know why they would have a problem this time. And to to it all off, they woke up my fussy teething baby to tell me that they needed directions to give to their driver even though my package may not get sent until tomorrow. Yeah, that's not working for me. If they don't call me by 1pm, this momma is going on a rampage and is going to do everything she can to get my freaking package today or get some compensation for their screw up since it may loose me this job. Gah. I'm just so irritated. And it really isn't helping me deal with all the other irritations that keep popping up.

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