Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The good, the bad, and the creative!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
The good: I just about have everything made for Moose's birthday party next month and have decided that today would be a good day to take a break from a blanket I have been working on for my family and buy the materials to start working on Moose's Halloween costume! I have one month to have it all put together and ready for one of his cousin's second birthday parties! I'm really excited because it will only be Moose's second birthday party (other than his own) and it is going to be a costume party! I think the costume is going to take a while to put together. I have at least a shirt and fur vest to put together, and possibly a pair of pants also. And I have never made clothes before. Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous!
The bad (but still a little good): I found out that I wasn't chosen to host the Kmart Halloween Party with houseparty.com. But, I'm not giving up hope yet! I have applications in to host a few different parties including a Planter's Nut-Peanut Butter Everyday Adventures Party  (http://www.houseparty.com/event/plantersnut-rition), a  Rice Krispies Halloween Party (http://www.houseparty.com/event/ricekrispies), a Marzetti Simply Dressed House Party (http://www.houseparty.com/event/simplydressed), and a Sabra Take a Dip Party (http://www.houseparty.com/event/dipwithsabra)! Hopefully I'll get picked to host one of  those parties!
The creative: Moose has been getting into the under-the-kitchen-sink cabinets where we keep all of the cleaning chemicals and our landlord has informed us that he doesn't want us drilling into the wood cabinets to install baby proofing locks or cabinet handles. It's been a huge struggle to keep Moose out of them. Constant reinforcing, time outs, and even a few swats have become the norm in our house since he has decided that the simple "Moose, no, not for you" that worked last month is not going to work any longer. In a moment of frustration, I posted about my dilemma on my personal Facebook and got a comment that made me think. Use command strips rather than drill holes in the cabinets. Genius! Until I can get to the store to buy all the supplies I need, I needed to come up with a substitute cabinet lock. Enter scotch tape. I took 12 smaller pieces of tape, 6 for each cabinet, and placed them along the door, and onto the cabinet. Then, I took a longer piece of tape that runs the length of the cabinet and holds the edges of the smaller pieces down. I then took another piece that runs between the two doors holding them together. Unfortunately, pictures don't show it very well so I can't post any to give a visual, but so far today it has been working, and has kept him out of the chemicals. I hope that it stands up to his pulling and prodding until the weekend when we can hopefully fix the problem for good!

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