Friday, September 7, 2012

The count down to the big ONE begins!

There are 31 days until Moose turns one and 36 days until his first birthday party! In anticipation of the festivities, I decided to upload some pictures of the stuff that I have ready for the big day.
The first pictures are of Moose's birthday shirt. Since we are such baseball fans, I thought it would be cute to make it baseball themed. The shirt is a black t-shirt with baseball themed fabric cut to form the words and hand sewn on, and puff paint for our last name. I think I am in love!

The back

The front (with my juice drinking boy)

A better view of the front

I also put together a big "1" phot pro for Moose's birthday pictures. It is made from cardboard boxes, white card stock paper, and hand sketched pictures too look like characters from the Hot To Train Your Dragon Book.

This is Moose's birthday party shirt to continue with the dragon there

And last, but not least, the birthday banner which is currently in progress

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