Thursday, September 13, 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting

While out for a food run for Moose yesterday, I decided to rent What to Expect When You're Expecting to watch when he went to bed. I am so glad that I did!
It showed emotion in all of the right ways and gave a small insight of just a couple of ways that pregnancy and birth experiences happen, from the lady to hates pregnancy to the fitness freak who never stops to the lady who has an extremely easy pregnancy, and it even shared the experience of the rarely discussed miscarriage. It covered the unmedicated birth, the woman who changes her mind and wants the drugs,  an emergency c-section. And an adoption It was funny in all of the ways that it should have been, had it's moments of drama and sorrow. You felt for each of the characters as they went through their own path towards having, or loosing, a child.
I'll admit, I had a heads up about the emergency c-section, which I was thankful for, but even the heads up couldn't have prepared me for the strong emotions I would feel. The adoption story was very beautiful and showed an entirely different side of growing your family that not many movies have shown. The issues of infertility hit close to home as before Moose, my hubby and I weren't sure if we could have children naturally. He had been sick as a child and was informed that he may never be able to have children. We had already discussed IVF and adoption as possibilities for the future. Lucky for us, our story didn't end in either fertility treatments or adoption, but knowing it could have brought out extra emotion.
I think some of the humor will be lost on people who don't have children/aren't trying to have children, but for those who have gone through one of the many paths to make their family larger, this movie is full of laughs and tears, and definitely worth watching. I know I'll be watching it again!

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