Thursday, September 13, 2012

Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto

Ice cream may be great for hot summer days or for curing a bad day, and as a mom, I have the occasional "bad day that deserves a pint of ice cream. While out shopping for that deserved ice cream the other day, I discovered Talenti gelato and sorbetto, which was on sale. I figured that if ice cream is good at curing those bad day woes, then gelato must be better! And gelato who uses minimal, natural, kosher ingredients must be the best (next to home made gelato of course). Moose and I picked roman raspberry sorbetto for him (vegan, non dairy) and a Mediterranean mint gelato for me and went home. I popped open the raspberry sorbetto first, and YUM! You can taste the true taste of raspberries with out having a million other flavors dampening them out. Exactly what I would want in a great product! Them I tried the mint. Oh my gosh. It was so good, like mint chocolate chip ice cream, only a million times better! I have always loved gelato, but shied away from buying pre packaged grocery store brands. I won't shy away from Talenti gelato and sorbetto, it was truly amazing.

Note: The opinion above is mine and mine alone. I was neither given a product to try nor was I asked to write a review about the above product. I bought the above product with mynown money and the above review was done so at my own will to share my experience with a great product. 

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