Monday, September 10, 2012

Walgreens to the rescue!

Hey all, sorry I missed a day. I blog from my husband's IPhone right now while our computer is out of commission. With that said, here is my attempt to cath up!

Yesterday, I decided that I really wanted to get the decorating big out so I could stop thinking about it, so I decided to give Walmart a second try. Moose was being pretty fussy again, so we left earlier than I had planned. Luckily,  we finished picking up everything that we needed  and the frames with only 15 minutes to 9am and what I thought was the opening of the photo center (their store page on Walrat's website has not been updated in a while, so information on there is useless), only to find out, at 9am, that they don't open until 10am on Sundays (there is no sign or anything telling customers this btw). Yet again, if I wanted my pictures through Walmart, I'd have to deal with their horrible customer service and wait another hour. I walked to the front, bought what I needed to get, and left sans pictures again. This time, not being frustrated with my day and determined to get my pictures, I simply drove across the street to Walgreens. What a difference that made! Their photo computer worked properly, was the complete opposite of Walmart's frustrating computers. I was happy. Then Ethan decided he wanted to run around. Rather than look down on me, the staff laughed and talked to him, then one member brought him over a ball to play with, after asking if it was ok. I was thrilled! Then, rather than make me wait 30 minutes for them to be ready the same employee offered to get them done right away! I was ecstatic! Properly working equipment AND incredible customer service? I was sold. I told the employee that had been so helpful that how I felt about the experience and that from now on, they are my choice for my photo developing needs! I wanted to shout from the roof tops, but instead, I'm settling with a Facebook and blog post. More people will hear it this way. Lol
Have you ever had a store make your day after several bad experiences somewhere else?

*Note: All opinions started in this post are my own. I was not given any free product for or asked to write a review about my experience. I wrote this post on my own, under my own will, under no obligation except my want to get the story to the public.

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