Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cloud B Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle

Let me start by saying that we  love Cloud B products in our home.
Moose received the Cloud B sleep sheep when he was about 2 months old and refused to sleep anywhere but on top of or next to me. The minute we got it, the package was ripped away, batteries changed, it was set in the pack n play next to him with the sounds playing and he has loved it since. It sat with him in his pack n play before he slept in his crib and now it hangs from his crib. He "talks to it, plays with it, and snuggles with it. He enjoys listening to the soothing sounds of the rain, whale noises, and the ocean with mommy when he falls asleep and it usually helps keep him asleep longer. Definitly a must have in any household with young children!
The Sleep Sheep can be found here at Cloud B's website: Cloud B Sleep Sheep

The Twilight Turtle I fell in love with the minute I saw it in Babies"R"us while pregnant with Moose. My husband and I bought it for Moose a few months before he was born and it entertained us with it's different colored lights since he was a few weeks old and has slept with him in his crib since he was 6 months old. Turnig it on and picking a color has become part of our bedtime routine and if I forget one night, Moose makes sure to remind me. Before Twilight Turtle, Moose would sleep in very short spirts and would wale up screaming often. Since having Twilight Turtle in his bed everynoght, lighting up his room with it's stars, Moose sleeps longer and goes to bed easier. It has made such a difference in his sleep habits and night time routine.
The Twilight Turtle can be found here at Cloud B's website: Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Moose and his Sleep Sheep November 17, 2011

Ethan fast asleep with Twight Turtle set to blue August 2012

*note: All opinions stated on this post are mine, and mine alone. Neither of the products mentioned in this post were given to us by Cloud B or any affiliates, nor was I requested to or required to write a post about either the Sleep Sheep or Twilight Turtle. I have done so on my own as a way to share an opinion that may help other parents.

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