Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun and Falls at Apple Hill

Yesterday, Moose and I got together with some very old friends of mine and went up to High Hill Ranch in the beautiful area of Apple Hill located in the golden hills of California. If you have never been, it runs from labor day weekend to about Christmas Eve and is a must see. You can find all of the info you need for Apple Hill here:

We had a ton of fun looking at all of the crafters, playing in the kids play area of Fudge Factory Farm, taking in the clean foothills air, enjoying the beautiful scenery, eating yummy food, and even dealing with Moose's first big boy fall onto a gravel path. Even after the big fall, my big boy kept right on running around and playing hard. He is getting to be such a tough boy. I got a few pictures of Moose playing in the kids' area, and will get more when my family friends post theirs. 

One of the things Moose enjoyed the most in the kid area was a little pink car that he could sit in and power with his feet. He climbed all over the place inside it, exploring and checking it all out!

This shows his face a little while after the fall

Moose had a lot of fun "driving" and climbing all over a cute Lightning McQueen car they had set up.

After finishing with the ranch, we all went on a walk through the apple orchard to get to my car and it was decided to stop and take some more pictures. I got some great pictures of Moose in his birthday shirt and as soon as I have the ability to upload those, I'll add them on as well.

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